Confidis Pty Ltd
Certificate of Funds: C-K54A3883
Date: 15/06/2014
Certificate: This certificate entitles the holder to disburse the Funds available specified below as at the time of issue. This certificate sets out the monies held in trust and the terms and conditions for the holding of and disbursement of those monies. The details contained within this certificate are also published within your electronic subscription at
Disbursement: The funds held in this certificate may be disbursed in accordance with agreements and disbursement authorities entered into between the parties to a transaction.
Trust Compliance: Confidis Pty Ltd holds and manages trust accounts with the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). Standard trust account operating procedures apply including the identification and holding of all monies against individual parties to a transaction and the timely issuing of receipts. All trust accounts are subject to an annual independent audit. Confidis Pty Ltd provides full transparency to stakeholders with online viewing access to monies being held
Entitlement to retain interest: In consideration for the provision of compliant trust accounting services, Confidis Pty Ltd is entitled to retain all interest earned on funds.
Funds underwritten by: AIG Australia Limited
Entity name:Martin Super Fund
Account number:83160426
Contact:Martin Adam
Unit 88, 108 Young Ave
Changping, Beijing 102200 China
Entity name:Highvalue Constructions
Account number:63839017
Contact:Tom Jones
Company:Highvalue Constructions
Unit 15,400 The Street
New York 2000 Australia
Agreement reference: A-K54A3883
Transaction number Date Disbursed Receipted Balance
RHD-FABBD368 21-Jan-2014 $ 1000.00
D-FABBD368-1 12-Feb-2014 $ -500.00
RD-B935F4EB 10-Mar-2014 $ 2,000.00
RD-4A71E62C 12-May-2014 $ 3,000.00
RD-6700B128 24-May-2014 $ 40,000.00
D-6700B128-1 15-Jun-2014 $ -40,000.00
Totals $ -40,500.00 $ 46,000.00 $ 5,500.00
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